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August 08, 2018:
The ERASMUS+ project proposal MENVIPRO involving GIRAF as a key consortium member is accepted! The project will modernize the graduate curricula in the field of GeoChemistry in the region of South Caucasus (Armenia, Georgia). The development of research-intensive educational programme will be coordinated by Universita degli Studi della Tuscia (Viterbo), Italy, supported by major research umbrella of Italy - CNR, as well as Instituto Superior Tecnico/Campus Tecnologico Nuclear Universidade de Lisboa (Portugal) and Institute of Geosciences and Geography, Faculty of Natural Sciences III, Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg (Germany). The partner countries will be represented by 4 Universities, Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Georgian Research and Education Networking Association and Centre for Ecological and Noosphere Studies of Armenia.
GIRAF will lead the activities in the area of Quality Control and Assurance, as well as it will contribute to the capacity building activities with its expertise in innovation management.

June 2018
Building on the long lasting relations in the Mediterranean region (the MAP2ERA, CINEA, 5TOI projects), GIRAF participated in the design and submission of the PRIMA proposal aimed at the improving the nutrition patterns in the region through biofortification of selected grans used in the Mediterranean diet. The 1st phase proposal was positively evaluated and invited for the 2nd phase, the 2nd phase submission deadline is in September 2018.
PRIMA Programme:

January 07-08, 2018:
In the framework of the COMPETEN-SEA project Andrey Girenko delivered the training session "Economics of MOOCs" in Manila, Ateneo de Manila University.

November 07-09, 2017:
In the framework of the COMPETEN-SEA project GIRAF PM develops and delivers the training workshop in the field of Economics of MOOCs - business modeling and planning for the MOOC development projects. The training will take place in the premises of Universiti Sains Malaysia. After the training workshop the project team will meet with the govermental officials responsible for the national MOOC initiative in Malaysia.

September 13, 2017:
In cooperation with the University of Technology in Berlin and ECM Space Technologies GmbH GIRAF PM provided the training workshop in the field of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies: Research Agenda and Trends to the group of representatives of the Chinese industry.

August 02, 2016:
The results of the Erasmus+ Key Action 2 Call 2016 are finally published. The project proposal COMPETEN-SEA, which includes GIRAF as a consortium member, is selected for funding! The project led by the Open University of the Netherlands brings together the best European teams working in the field of Massive Open Online Education and leading Universities of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, as well as the coordinator of the Asia-Pacific wide Network "School of Internet - Asia" - Keio University, Japan. The goal is to build the capacities in Southeast Asia to develop and deliver massive educational services to various groups of population. The project start is scheduled for 15.10.2016.

July 11, 2016:
5TOI_EWAS kick-off meeting takes place in Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. The consortium gathering brougth together the representatives of all 25 partner organizations. The large partnership will ensure full representation of the target region and the target thematic area.

April 28-29, 2016:
The LIGHT-TPS review meeting took place in Tecnalia, San Sebastian, Spain. The review concluded the second project year and highlighted that the project is fully on track and delivers the high quality research results. The partners also used this opportunity to plan the remaining project year.

June 01, 2016:
The LIGHT-TPS workshop associated with the Berlin Aerospace Show (ILA 2016) was organized jointly by ECM Space Technology and GIRAF. The paticipants enjoy a unique atmosphere of cutting enge space research and exploration in the premises next to the major exhibition sites. The event was attented by several officials and bsiness representatives from the EU, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

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